Iron Cast Nosings

4" Iron Cast

Available Sizes

1/4" nose with lip

Standard Depths: 3" and 4"

Standard Lengths: 36", 48" and 60"

Informational Product Documents

BOLD STEP® Cast Abrasive Nosings Sell Sheet

Technical Data

BOLD STEP® 3" Cast Iron Nosing (.pdf)

BOLD STEP® 3" Cast Iron Nosing (.dwg)

BOLD STEP® 3" Cast Iron Nosing (.pdf)

BOLD STEP® 4" Cast Iron Nosing (.dwg)

Wholesale Commercial Stair Treads

Our BOLD STEP® Iron Cast Nosings are made from the highest quality iron, free from holes or defects. These cast iron nosings come with a professional coat of black paint, and are made with uniform quality. These surfaces can be cleaned using a general purpose industrial floor cleaner, or swept to remove and loosen dirt. They can also be cleaned with a stiff bristle brush or sprayed up to 1000 psi.

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