Die-Cuts & Custom Pieces

Custom Anti-Slip Flooring Tapes and Treads

Master Stop™ is the answer when you're looking for custom anti-slip tapes and treads unique to your application. Prevent slips and falls in any workplace environment, while including custom touches such as color, a company logo, a special die-cut shape, or any number of other custom options. Don't settle for non-slip tape treads that compromise the aesthetics of your flooring. Our selection of mineral abrasive anti-slip grit surface offers the traction you need, with a pressure sensitive adhesive that can be applied in both interior and exterior applications. Learn more about our die-cut anti-slip tapes or custom non-slip tape treads when you're looking for safety flooring that comes in a variety of different colors.

Have dark locations where you need safe footing? Our glow traction tape is ideal for helping employees easily spot the tape from their peripheral vision. As a leader in safety, Sure-Foot Industries specializes in making slip-resistant flooring that offers an ideal way to minimize expenses while making your business environment safer for employees and customers. Our friendly staff is committed to supplying anti-slip tape to meet any specifications. Give us a call at (440) 234-4446 or request a product sample today and speak with a representative about ordering die-cut and custom anti-slip tapes and treads for your workplace!