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Anti-Slip Tape: Master StopTM Tape vs. Master StopTM EXTREME Tape

No matter your industry, workplace safety should be a priority. Your workers should feel secure, even in harsh or hectic of environments. Sure-Foot Industries helps businesses protect their workforce from slips and falls.

One of our most useful anti-slip products is the Master Stop™ Tape.  This line of anti-slip tapes can be used in a variety of environments, and its preventive measures are endless. In 2017, falls on the same level are the second leading cause of injury in the workplace and cost businesses over 10 billion dollars. Our anti-slip tape goes a long way to prevent these setbacks, injuries, and costs.  

We are often asked which of our anti-slip tape works best for a work environment?  While any of our Master Stop™ products will do the job, every industry and facility is different, and some require a unique solution to help combat various factors.  Some things to consider when choosing an anti-slip solution may include; interior or exterior installation, extreme hot or cold environment, foot traffic only or vehicle traffic and what type of floor or step surface are you working with. 

Master StopTM Tape vs. Master StopTM EXTREME Tape: How They Are Similar and Different

When comparing our two anti-slip tape products, a look at some similarities and differences can help you decipher between the two.  Master Stop™ Tape is manufactured using our pressure sensitive adhesive polyester film coated with mineral abrasive grit which gives the anti-slip surface.  Master Stop™ EXTREME Tape is made with a proprietary multi-layered embedded grit formula to provide an even greater level of grip and traction adding durability and longer product life.

Master Stop™ EXTREME tapes and treads utilize an exceptional adhesive which is three times stronger than traditional peel and stick products, allowing for installation in more strenuous work environments or areas with greater foot traffic. After proper installation, Master Stop™ EXTREME Tape can handle temperatures of -40 to +170 Fahrenheit without being compromised.

All of Sure-Foot’s anti-slip tapes meet OSHA and ADA recommendations for Coefficient of Friction. Installation is also the same, requiring a clean surface free of oil, grease, and dirt and a temperature of over 50 Fahrenheit for proper bonding.  Both kinds of anti-slip tape are resistant to many chemicals, including oil, grease, gas, saltwater, mild acids and alkali exposure. After purchase, the shelf life for both products is two years without any loss of adhesion. 

Master StopTM Tape vs. Master StopTM EXTREME Tape: Which Is Best Businesses?

The application of both Master Stop™ and Master Stop™ EXTREME Tapes have different scenarios where their benefits are clear. 
Master Stop™ Tape is excellent indoors and in areas where there should be a substantial level of protection from slips, trips, and falls. Steps, ramps, high platforms and areas with walking traffic are excellent locations for Master Stop™ Tape and Treads.

Master Stop™ Extreme Tape will be the right choice for protection needs in more adverse areas, such as:

  • Oil and gas rigs
  • Offshore marine applications
  • Extremely heavy traffic areas,
  • Loading docks
  • Walkways
  • Heavy equipment

Outdoor facilities, where weather can be a factor, are also environments where EXTREME Tape could be the right solution.

No matter the application or environment, anti-slip tape by Sure-Foot Industries is an excellent way to ensure that a workforce is protected from the kinds of accidents that can set businesses back. If you have questions about which anti-slip application are best, you can always learn more about Master Stop™ Tape and Treads or contact us at 800-522-6566.

Interested in Sure-Foot Master Stop™ Tape for your business, or as a reseller? You can request a product sample today.

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