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Commercial rubber stair treads supply protection against slips and falls in heavily trafficked areas indoors, such as interior stairwells, walkways and ramps.

Rubber stair treads help achieve greater traction for employees, students, patrons and visitors for more secure footing when navigating your facility or building. Protect personnel and reduce your liability risk with commercial rubber stair treads.

At Sure-Foot Industries, we manufacture using only the highest quality rubber, for tough, long-lasting treads or tiles to provide increased traction on walking surfaces. New Sure-Foot customers become return purchasers for other areas within their facilities once they witness our product durability first-hand.
Non-Slip Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Treads with Grit Strip

Commercial rubber stair treads are generally recommended for interior situations at facilities such as:

  • colleges and universities
  • elementary, middle and high schools
  • government buildings
  • office buildings
  • hospitals
  • medical facilities or physician’s practices
  • apartment complexes or residential facilities
  • retail outlets
  • fitness or workout facilities
  • food-safe facilities such as restaurants, bars, kitchens, food processing and food distribution services

The raised patterns on treads allow for easy cleaning with a wet mop. Rubber stair treads are available in a variety of colors to help match interior architecture or school or corporate color schemes and brand identities.

Our rubber stair treads have a standard depth of 12.25 inches with the raised pattern on the stair tread extending ten inches deep. The raised patterns (discs or diamonds) help drain moisture and liquids while supplying greater traction. Different lengths provide options for stairs and steps ranging from 36” to 72” long. Commercial rubber floor tiles, another option, come in a standard 24”x24” square. All of our products are highly resistant to soils and stains.

Factors that determine stair tread selection include its:

  • location
  • amount and type of traffic
  • environmental factors
  • exposure to slippery or oily substances
  • budget
  • aesthetics
  • local building codes

One recommendation for facilities that have interior office space or warehousing is to use rubber stair treads on the interior and more heavy-duty fiberglass step covers outside or near a loading dock. The dramatic increase in home deliveries and online ordering also means an increase in potential for injury for delivery fleet drivers and operators. A company’s vehicle fleet might be outfitted with anti-slip solutions custom cut to fit the back of a delivery van or other vehicles that requires employees to move on and off with great frequency in different types of weather.

Sure-Foot offers a guide to help determine which anti-slip solution is recommended for different surfaces/environments. Or contact Sure-Foot Industries today at 800-522-6566 for a consultation about our commercial rubber stair treads and other products.

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