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Commercial Anti-Slip and Stair Tread Products

Sure-Foot Industries Corporation is a manufacturer of commercial anti-slip flooring products and stair treads to ensure footing. Since 1979, Sure-Foot has proudly produced our anti-slip solutions, such as Master Stop™ and BOLD STEP® product lines, in Cleveland, Ohio.  With products ranging from anti-slip tapes and grit-coated fiberglass walkways to non-slip stair treads and rubber safety tiles, Sure-Foot Industries is certain to have a solution for your slippery problem.

Additionally, Sure-Foot Industries offers custom anti-slip products outside of the Master Stop™ and BOLD STEP® lines. These products include rubber stair treads and grit-coated step covers and walkways. Sure-Foot’s grit-coated walkways are great for difficult flooring such as mezzanines, ramps, lifts and grated stairs. With our wide array of anti-slip products, Sure-Foot Industries is your one stop shop for a safer work environment for your employees and customers.

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